Tips For Making Company Videos Emotionally Engaging

Tips For Making Company Videos Emotionally Engaging Read more on: MD Internet Marketing Solutions SEO Service

Almost everyone knows that emotionally charged marketing videos have a far greater impact on viewers than boring videos with someone just standing there talking.

An emotionally charged video can mean the difference between the viewer taking action, i.e. calling for your services or filling their online shopping cart, or just clicking the back button to go to someone else’s site or video.

In this short article we will cover 2 very simple things that you can do to help make your company marketing videos more engaging.

Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing Tips

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Make Use Of B Roll Footage

The first thing that you can do in creating more emotion is by using what’s called in the business as “B-Roll”. What is B roll? The real short answer is additional footage inserted as a cutaway to help tell a story.

For instance, let’s say you own a roofing company. While you may have yourself or a spokesperson in front of the camera talking about how your company replaces a roof you carefully inspect all of the underlying decking. While you are talking this would be a good time to cut away to footage of your crew that actually has the shingles stripped from the roof and are inspecting the decking.

Basically you can use B roll to just get your message across by VISUALLY explaining and keep changing what’s on the screen to help keep the viewer engaged.

B Roll

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If you are new to creating videos it can be hard to figure out what would make good B roll for you to use. Michael Maher wrote an article on shutterstock that can help you with making b roll of the person you are interviewing for your video:

Make Small Talk

During pre-production, you develop an overall feel for the final video. Is this an upbeat happy project? Does it deal with very serious subject matter? By knowing the type of corporate video you’re filming, you can plan for some additional shots — and the type of direction you’ll have to give your subject to capture those shots — well in advance of the shoot.

On the day of the shoot, spend some time with the interviewee to warm them up to the camera. One of the best tricks is to film while you and the subject have a conversation. Ask them about their day, their position with the company, or little details about their life, like if they have any children.

Capture Movement

While the interviewee warms up to you, take the time to capture their subtle movements. Are they grasping their hands? Do they fidget with a ring or watch? Are they checking their phone? These b-roll shots will add a genuine personality to the video, and you can cut to them at anytime. After you get a few of these moments, guide the subject to their mark and have them get in place. Continue Reading The Full Article Here…

In that article Michael has some pretty good tips for getting b roll of the interviewee. But we think and know there are a lot more ways to get good b roll for your video.

At they recently posted this about other great ideas for getting b roll:

1.People. It might be laborious, but take the time to arrange to shoot
models for b-roll. Models acting out business scenarios, or healthcare
scenarios, or playing sports These are the most commercially viable
2. Nature. Take advantage of the scenery around you,
and consider doing it outdoors. Filmmakers are always looking for great
panoramic clips. Timelapses are particularly popular.
3. Science. Get geeky. It’s a hard thing to shoot yourself because
it requires both knowledge and innovation to get it right. Digital
producers depend on b-roll to fill in content gaps in their productions,
as necessary.
4. “Industrial” is a growing category and has
emerged as a top performer. These scenes are in demand — “warehouse at
night” is an example of a well-searched keyword on Shutterstock. It can be used to set up scenes for criminal activity, and more.
5. Big cities. Create timelapses that demonstrate
the regular hustle and bustle of city living. Show the dark turn to day,
how a blank landscape evolves quickly into a busy one. Read The Entire Article Here…

So those examples will give you some good ideas and starting points as to where and what to make your b roll shots of for your company video.

Add Some Great Music

The second thing to help make your marketing videos more engaging – MUSIC! We know we have mentioned this before in other posts, but it bares repeating.

Add Music To your marketing videos

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Take a horror flick for instance. There is always some dumb ass kid that is wondering around a haunted house and is getting ready to peak around the corner. How ominous would the scene be without the scary music? The same goes with your company videos, although you may not want to use scary music from a horror flick!

So how do you go about selecting the perfect sound clip for your video? Here is a good snippet from an article done by Danny Greer at

Define The Music Early

If you’re reading this, it’s my hope that you’re seeking out music for your project before you finalize an edit! You’ll be one step ahead if you determine your music choices early on in the production process. Planning ahead will allow you to:

Get your client’s approval on music early on. The last thing you want is to finalize an edit and have a client come back and ask for a music change.

Utilize the music in your editing pace. Cutting to the music to drive energy and pace while cutting against can create tension. Make thoughtful choices about how you use music to work with your video edit.

Stay within budget. Nobody likes production surprises… especially when it comes to money. Licensing music early could curtail the chances of a budget issue later.

Some editors prefer to create a VERY rough cut of an edit and try different music tracks underneath to see which might work best. Once a track is decided upon, they can clean up the edit to match the music. It’s a useful approach, but must be done early on in the post-production process.

 Continue Reading “How to Pick the Perfect Music for Your Video Projects

Danny has some great tips about picking the right music for your video. We especially like his advice of making a rough edit and then finishing the video and making the video “match up” to the music.

One word of caution – don’t pick just any music to add to your video. Make sure you have the correct license and permission to use the music. Failure to do this can result in a couple of things happening, which are rather unwanted.

One, YouTube will recognize that the music is copyrighted and allow advertisements on your video. The advertisements can and probably will be your competition! Secondly, repeated copyright infringements can get your videos deleted and your channel deleted by YouTube.

There are several places that you can get totally royalty free music on the web. The YouTube audio library is one, just check if there is attribution required. You can also do a Google search to find a lot of places where you can get music.

So there you have it. The top 2 ways to make your company’s marketing videos more engaging. Just add some B roll and music and your videos should produce more sales and calls versus your competition that fails to use them 🙂

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The Must Have Basic Elements Of A Website

The article The Must Have Basic Elements Of A Website was
originally published to Ken Mandich’s MDIMS Blog

Your website is incredibly important. It will give your potential clients and future customers their very first impression of you and your business. For that reason you need to make sure that your site is appealing and easy to navigate with strong calls to action to get the most out of it and convert visitors to your site into sales.

But what are the basic components and must haves of a website to get the most conversions? That’s what we will cover in this short post.

Important Aspects Of Good Website Design

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Mobile Friendly

First and foremost your site MUST be mobile friendly. You have no idea of what type of device people will be using to view your website. Phones, tablets and desktop versions must all be equally easy to navigate.

Studies now show that over half of all searches are done on mobile devices. There is nothing worse than viewing a website on your phone and having to pinch to zoom and scroll sideways to read the content.

Just a few short years ago you had to make a separate website that was for mobile devices and was rather expensive because of the double work involved. Not so much the case anymore.

The easy way to overcome this obstacle and make you site mobile friendly is by making your site Responsive. With WordPress this is generally an easy task as many of the themes you have to choose from are now responsive right out of the box. Being mobile friendly is also a big ranking factor for Google.

Attention Grabbing Visual Aspects

Attention Grabbing Visual Effects

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When people first visit your website they need to see and be able to recognize your brand right away. You want to etch into their minds your company for the services that they need. One way that we like to accomplish this is with what is known as a slider. If you visit our Website Design page you will see an example of this.

Something that you need to keep in mind is that if your site isn’t attention grabbing, the visitor will simply click the back button and continue their search. You need to tell people who you are and why they should choose you over your competition for their business. Multiple high definition images as well as your own videos will help keep people on your site and get them to call you.

How YOU Can Solve THEIR Problem!

Don’t sell yourself short on content. Your site needs to have enough content that explains what you do and how you can help solve their problems, as well as why YOU are the best choice.

There is a lot of debate as to how many words you should have on a page. For SEO purposes, the more the better. But that isn’t so for human readers.

People have very short attention spans these days and want to get the information they need quickly and move on. Forget everything you learned about writing in school. Short paragraphs with only a couple of sentences work best so that people are able to “skim” your content.

Easy To Find Contact Information

Contact information

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Don’t hide your contact information. Make it very easy to find and in multiple places. In probably 95% of all instances, your website is there to help generate new customers and sales. If they can’t find your contact info what good is your website?

It’s best to have a link to your contact page in the menu, on the sidebar and also inside your content where it makes sense. You also need to tell people what to do such as “Call Us!” or “Email Us” etc.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is dominating the internet. People like to share content as well as see what their friends are sharing. By having social media icons on your site you are increasing the chances of visitors sharing your content.

This actually has several benefits.

  1. The more your content gets shared, the more people will see it and recognize your brand which can lead to more customers and business.
  2. By having the social media icons that show shares and likes, it helps legitimatize your business in the eyes of the visitors.
  3. More shares on social media gives you better ranking signals with the search engines.
In Conclusion

If you are going it alone on building your own website, make sure that you have these 5 items on your site to get the most out of it for sales and conversions. Yes, there is a lot more to building a website, but these are the essentials.

All of these are easy to implement, but you would be surprised at how many sites we run across that leaves out one, if not more of these necessary components.





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Will Social Media Help With Your SEO?

Will Social Media Help With Your SEO? was
first published on

Social media and SEO. There has been a lot of discussions on other forums and between SEO’s for years as to whether or not Social media properties can help with your SEO.  In this short post we will cover what we know and understand about how social media effects your SEO for websites and videos, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Social Media Benefits Besides SEO

What we do know about social media is that people are using it. Social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Will Facebook go the way of MySpace? Maybe, maybe not. But you can bet your last dollar that there will be another platform to take it’s place.

Social Media and SEO

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So strictly from the standpoint of being able to expand your listening audience, you should most definitely be using social media. People are searching for reviews about your company before they choose you for the particular service that they need, and social media helps provide more reviews and exposure.

We also need to look at social media from the search engine side of things, as far as helping to establish who you and your business are. By having multiple social media properties that are branded with your brand, you make it much easier for Google to identify your company and your brand. 

If you don’t have any social media properties you are making it much more difficult for Google to justify your company and some suggest that the lack of social media properties are a negative signal to hold back your rankings.

Now if you do have multiple social media properties like a company Facebook page, LinkedIn company page and so on, Google see’s these pages and can connect them with your brand. Now when someone does a search for your company, hopefully not only will your website show up, but also your top social media profiles.

One way that our company ensures that this is the case is by connecting all of the sites together where possible as well as adding schema markup on the website telling the search engines that all of your social properties are related to your website.

Social Media Has It's Own Search results

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Then there is also the fact that most of these social media sites have the ability to perform searches from inside their platform. This makes it possible for people to find your services right inside of which ever platforms you decide to use.

Another point to take into consideration is that with social media profiles properly set up AND being active on the sites will also help drive traffic to your site, which is also known as Click Through Rate. Studies show that CTR is definitely a big ranking factor in the search engines, only behind backlinks. More people to your site should result in more sales as well, if you have a site with good calls to action.

So there really are some great reasons that you should be using social media to help grow your company and ultimately your bottom line, whether or not there are any SEO benefits for your website.

Social Media Likes And Shares

Now on to what we do know about the relationship between social media and SEO. As we stated above, it helps reinforce your brand with Google. In our testing we find that this alone does help with SEO as it reinforces to Google that you or your site is not just another spam site. Most spammers don’t go through all the trouble of creating multiple social profiles and creating a brand.

What about likes and shares? We have tested both together as well as independently, and have seen some fairly dramatic results.

With Likes, be it on Facebook or Google+, we really didn’t see any significant gains. However with shares, that’s a totally different story. With social shares we did see a dramatic increase in rankings in Google search. This was very easy to see with video rankings, which makes sense to some degree.

social shares

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We do know that when a video is shared on another profile that it becomes another embed. For quite some time embeds have been a great way to increase search engine rankings for videos. This is what happens when a video goes viral, it gets shared over and over and viewed over and over. But does the same thing hold true for websites? The short answer – yes, to some degree.

With websites we did see better rankings over time, although be it not as fast or as dramatic as we have seen with video rankings. We did notice that the more Google+ shares that a site has does help it rank better in the searches over Facebook shares.

One last point that we noticed from our testing is that social media profiles that were more active seemed to give us better results over social media profiles that were dormant or had very few posts.

So from our testing, does social media help with your SEOYES! But the important take away from this is that not only will social meida profiles help with your SEO, but also your Branding, as well as giving you more out reach points to bring in and attract more new customers and clients to your site. It can probably be best summed up by not looking at SEO and social media separately, but instead that the two work together and go hand in hand.

If you aren’t using social media as part of your digital marketing and are looking for an Atlanta SEO firm to get it done for you, be sure and click the previous link to check us out!



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Utilizing Content Marketing For SEO As Well As Engaging Your Audience

The post Utilizing Content Marketing For SEO As Well As Engaging Your Audience Find more on: http://www.mdimsolutions

Content marketing should be a core part of your SEO strategies. Not only is it important for you or your business to be using it to help rank your website, but also to engage, inform and educate your audience, or potential clients.

Content Marketing is a CORE part of our marketing strategies as it provides great results for SEO and attracting new customers. We will cover a lot in this article, the frame work of your posts, overcoming writers block and the SEO aspects of content marketing.

Content Marketing For SEO

Image Credit

First of all, who is going to write the content to go on the site. There are a couple of ways to go about this.

  1. You can hire someone to write for you on your blog
  2. You or someone inside your company can write posts on your site

If you go with the first option of hiring a writer, or letting your local SEO agency write for you, they MUST understand your business. It is important that they have a full grasp of the services that your business provides as well as any products. This is important so that the writer can provide VALUABLE information to the readers.

If you go with the latter option of writing the content yourself or someone inside your firm to write, then you don’t have to worry as much about the knowledge of the company services or products.

You do however want to make sure that you are writing valuable content that people want to read. The last thing that you want to do is to look at content marketing as a chore and to be just putting up content to add content. Sure it may help with your rankings, but then you are missing the other half of the equation of engaging customers and only getting half of the value of content marketing.

Content Marketing “Frame Work”

So you maybe saying to yourself – “I haven’t written a thing since College, I have no idea as to where to start or how to structure my articles”. Not a problem, I actually found a great article by Sonia Simone on that lists the frame work of what makes good online content:

5 Remarkable Qualities of Effective Online Content

The framework: Education + Personality = Effective Content

1. Effective content educates

Over the years, you’ve heard us say: Don’t sell, teach.

Content that sells (whether you’re in the premium content business or you use content to sell another product or service) is content that makes itself useful.

Effective content teaches your audience something they want to know more about.

It might be fitness tips, parenting skills, or career advice. But it answers pressing questions and makes your readers’ lives better in some key way.

2. Effective content has personality

Aim to create a content-driven website that has personality, that’s reader-friendly, and that’s written to both educate and entertain.

Bringing a consistent voice and personality to your content is a lot of work — but it’s also highly rewarding, both personally and professionally. Continue Reading Sonia’s Article Here…

That’s a great article from Sonia, and we really like point number 2. Giving your content personality. To many times people write dull, boring information that they hash out. Sometimes it can be difficult to write so that it’s not boring with some topics, but like anything else, the more you practice, the easier it will come.

It’s also worth noting that later in the article she also writes that keeping SEO in mind is also important.

Over Coming Writers Block

So now you have the “framework” of making a good article. But what the heck do you do if you run into writers block? It happens to even the best writers. I’m sure Stephen King doesn’t just sit down and blast out book after book without running into that wall every now and again.

writers block

Image Credit

Over at we found a very useful article where they asked 15 different writers what they do to overcome writers block. One of my favorites from the article is #11 – Don Purdum that backs up our previous point of knowing your business inside and out –

There is one, sure fire way to overcome writer’s block and that is to have complete clarity about your business.

I have five questions that I use that on average create over 400 highly specific, highly targeted topics that can be used to create one piece of content, for one person; who has one need, problem or desire.

1. What are the “specific” problems you are passionate about solving?
2. What are the tangible values your customers experience and how do they feel about the experience?
3. What are the “specific” problems you solve for each tangible value?
4. Who are you “specifically” solve each problem for (in detail)?
5. How are your products or services “a” part of “a” solution?

When you have that kind of extreme clarity then writers block is never again an issue!

Read the full article “15 Expert Tips For Unblocking Writer’s Block

That is a lot of great information, and can give you a lot to write about for sometime. I fully recommend you read that full article. There are so many different ways to overcome Writer’s Block in that article from so many different people. It is kind of cool to see the different things that people will do to overcome writers block.

So now you have the framework, over coming writers block and what to write about. Now let’s get on with the SEO aspect of it.

Content Marketing And SEO

A lot of marketers forget about how important it is to take SEO into account for their content marketing. The biggest point I want to get across here is that writing for the reader and the search engines overlap. You can actually look at the services you provide, then look at what kind of search that service receives, then analyze the top searches for variations of that keyword and write your article around the keyword with the highest search. Ya, I know that read a little confusing :), but it’s really not if you just stop and think about it. Basically all you want to do is write your article around your service keyword with the highest search volume.

Content Marketing

Image Source

Over at KissMetrics, Neil wrote a post that ties everything in this article together beautifully about why content marketing is so vital to your SEO and how it overlaps with customer engagement:

Why SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing

SEO demands content. Content marketing is content.

There is no such thing as SEO without content. You need words, articles, substance, keywords, verbiage.

I wince whenever I have to say it, because it’s so cliche, but it’s true: Content is king.

We don’t argue about that anymore. It’s a truism of the SEO industry. Content content content.

And what is content marketing all about? It’s about content. The practical application of SEO (content) is the very substance of content marketing.

When SEO shouts, “We need more content!” content marketing responds, “Gotcha taken care of!”

SEO demands keywords. Content marketing means using keywords.

Here’s another feature of SEO: Keywords.

No one would argue that a fundamental component of SEO is keywords — researching them, utilizing them, and tracking your ranking of them in the SERPs.

How does one apply the use of keywords? How is all the research funneled into its practical application?

It’s called content marketing. The only way you can use your keywords is to be employing them strategically throughout your content. Content marketing consists of top-notch content, written for humans, and using the keywords that you’re targeting.

Obviously, Panda will nail you if you insist on stuffing your pages with keywords and over optimizing. But when SEO and content marketing do what they’re supposed to do — work in sweet harmony together — you’ll be fine. Read the full article “Why SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing

BAM! That is a FANTASTIC ARTICLE!  If you are doing your own content marketing, or even have someone doing it for you, YOU NEED TO READ THAT ARTICLE! It is full of a lot of great information and insights as to how content marketing is SEO and SEO is content marketing. And for the part that we referenced – “Content marketing consists of top-notch content, written for HUMANS!” is pure GOLD.

In Conclusion

If you aren’t using content marketing to engage more new customers as well as helping your web properties to rank in the search engines, then you are missing a rather large and awesome tool. Basically you are fighting against your competition with one arm tied behind your back.

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Just How Many Websites Are WordPress And Why?

The article Just How Many Websites Are WordPress And Why? See more on: MD Internet Marketing Solutions SEO Service

WordPress websites. They are all over the internet. In fact there are almost 75 MILLION of them! That number now equals out to a whopping 26% OF ALL SITES ON THE WEB. So why is that? Why would so many people depend on WordPress for their CMS (Content Management System)? That’s what we will cover in this post, and why we love the platform so much 🙂

First of all, if you don’t believe us that there are so many sites running on WordPress, go ahead and Google it! There really are some incredible statistics that you will find about the platform.

WordPress Logo

Image Credit

Web Design With WordPress

We think that WordPress is the easiest to use and to fully customize for your own needs. There are so many Themes out there to make the site one of a kind. It is reliable and for the most part, secure, as long as you keep your site updated! Learn more about WordPress Security in a previous post here. There are also tons of free forums that you can find to ask questions, or get help from if you run into problems if you are going it alone.

Of all those 75 million websites, they aren’t just stay at home moms or dads that are blogging about their day at home, or how to cook some awesome meal on the cheap. In fact this one statistic we found pretty wild from Tom Ewer on

14 Surprising Statistics About WordPress Usage

WordPress Is Most Popular With Business Websites

Of the top 1,000,000 sites in the world, the number of business sites (most popular with WordPress) powered by WordPress is five times the number of WordPress-managed news sites (least popular with WordPress).

This statistic is not all that surprising, as online marketing circles will often discuss WordPress more than any other CMS out there. WordPress also ranks high as one of the most blogged topics in the online marketing niche and nearly all its keywords have very high PPC competition.

Continue Reading “14 Surprising Statistics About WordPress Usage

More businesses prefer WordPress. And from Tom’s snippet above, if you don’t know what PPC is, it stands for “Pay Per Click” for Adwords. We found that there are some MAJOR Fortune 500 companies that run their site on WordPress like UPS, EBay, Sony and Best Buy to name a few. So if you think WordPress won’t work for your business, think again!

Ease Of Editing By Clients

We also like running WordPress not only for our own personal sites, but for our clients as well. Why? Because our customers find it very easy to go in and make changes when they need too. It is very easy to log in and change a page or a post. This may need to be done if your business has added or removed some services, or changed prices, etc.

We understand that many of you may have never used WordPress  before and don’t know the difference between a page and a post. A page is usually just that. A page on your website about your services, your about information, contact information, disclaimers for using the website, etc. They don’t usually get a lot of changes made to them.

On the other hand posts – are exactly what this is. A short bit or snippet of information that can be used to help inform or educate your customers.

Bob Dunn just made a post over the weekend on that explains a little more about how to make a post or page on a WordPress blog as well as showing some of the visual editor and other working parts of a WordPress Blog:

How To Create Posts and Pages in WordPress

Post or Page Title

This is the title of your post or page. How it looks on your site will be dependent of your theme’s styles. It also plays an important role in SEO (search engine optimization).

You will see that you can also edit your permalink. If you choose to do this, only do it before you published your post or page. If you change this after publication, all inbound links to this specific post or page will be broken and a 404 error page will come up for the reader.
Editor Window

This is where you do your writing and formatting of posts and pages. You can create them here or paste them in.

You will find two tabs on this window: Visual and Text

Visual Editor

This is the view most people use. In fact, it’s very close to many popular word processing programs. It is also sometimes called WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). But that isn’t true with WordPress. As you will learn, font colors, styles and sizes here will typically look a lot different on your website.

Continue Reading “How To Create Posts and Pages in WordPress” Here.

That is a really good post by Bob and does a great job of showing you and explaining to you the basics of the back end of a WordPress website. In fact the title of the post is a little misleading as he gives you so much more valuable information. Adding images and making the most of your pages and posts.

WordPress And SEO


Image Credit

Lastly, we really like WordPress for the ease of performing SEO on the sites, or what’s also known as “On Page Optimization”. There are several plugins such as All In One SEO and Yoast that make things much easier. The first is probably more popular while the latter is more robust and also creates a sitemap for your website as well. A sitemap is just that, a map of your site for the search engines to crawl.

Google also loves WordPress. Why? Well Google really likes logical architecture on a website and WordPress is designed logically. Google also loves text based websites, which is easy to do with WordPress. Google is also trying to make the web better for all of the mobile phones and tablets searching the web and WordPress can also be made to be “Mobile Friendly” much easier than other platforms, which will give you a boost in mobile rankings.

While WordPress is very SEO friendly, it’s not an end all, be all for your SEO needs for your website, but it’s a good start.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. WordPress is the preferred CMS on a boat load of Websites for good reasons. If you didn’t think that it would, or will work for your business, then you need to rethink that. Just look at the examples of the big companies that are using it to run their businesses online.

If you don’t already have a website for your business, or need to update your existing site, be sure and check out our web design services.





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If You Think You Don’t Need YouTube Marketing Videos, Think Again!

The blog post If You Think You Don’t Need YouTube Marketing Videos, Think Again! is republished from MD Internet Marketing Solutions SEO Blog

If you don’t think your business can benefit from the use of Video Marketing, and more particularly, YouTube videos, then you need to think again!

We have been “preaching” for some time about how important video is to engage more customers, clients, make more sales and generally inform your audience about your services and products.

If You Think You Don't Need YouTube Marketing Videos, Think Again!

Image Credit

YouTube has just recently released more statistics about their service this month, and these numbers just can’t be ignored. Here are a few of the biggest stats that can be applied to businesses that were released at YouTube’s Annual Brandcast event on May 5th.

  • YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds during prime time than the TOP 10 TV showsCOMBINED!
  • Brands that advertise on YouTube during prime time instead of TV reach 56% of the 18-49 year old age  group!
  • 6 out of 10 YouTube subscribers say that their views of a brand were influenced by a video

If you think those numbers don’t matter, or that your business can’t get a piece of that pie, then go ahead and sit back and watch your competition that takes advantage of YouTube surpass you!

These numbers also help prove that people want to WATCH the internet, not read it. There are some estimates that 1/3 of all online activity is now watching video.

Is your company at the top of the food chain for your field of expertise? If it is, or if it isn’t, video is a great way to help increase sales, which is what every company’s goal is. Do you know that a one-minute video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words of text. You need to stop and ask yourself how long would it take for you or your staff to create 1.8 million words of content?

Skyler Mills wrote an article on Grand Rapids Business Journal about he and a friend made a video and the resluts they had:

Video gives us a no “skim-read” option. Comprehension is immediate. Its ability to deliver an emotional response in a matter of minutes is unmatched by any other medium. The integration of video with social media sites makes it even more accessible and easier to reach, engage and inform individuals.

As a student at Grand Valley State University in 2013, I had the opportunity to co-produce a motivational video on exams to help students prepare for finals week. Attention from the video was surreal. More than 236,000 views later, our video has reached students across the United States and abroad. Colleges have contacted us directly to congratulate us and ask permission to use it on their campuses.

If two students with a camera can reach that many people, imagine how your business could dramatically increase its scope of influence with even minimal video resources. Read the entire “Reasons why your company needs video marketing” here.

Those results are fantastic. And imagine how much reach and influence your business could have if asked by another if they could use it. It’s also important to note that Skylar says for you to consider creating videos and the impact they can have, even with minimal video resources. Are we suggesting that you just create a spammy video with a couple of still pictures and no voice over? No. You will have to put some effort into the project. The important take away here is that even if your video isn’t a Hollywood production, it can still ad value to your company.

YouTube Video Advertising

Image Credit

At Social Triggers they also have a post that gives some reasons that video is so much better than text:

Your writing might show off your personality, but it’s just not the same, and I suppose it makes sense.

Text-based content is a very one-dimensional medium.

Video on the other hand is a triple threat.

Not only can people hear you, they can read whatever it is you’re writing (I tend to write on a white board).

But most importantly, people SEE your body language.

They see your eyes, your smiles, your laughs, your nervous ticks (if you have any), and much, much more.

And that’s the secret.

Body language communicates more information than you could ever HOPE to write.

Now what does this have to do with rapport? And likability? And building a business?

How I Stumbled On The Power Of Video By Complete Accident

A few months ago I released the first ever Social Triggers video.

It was raw, but it was the REAL me.

At one point, I stuttered, and said the word “implimication” instead of “implication.”

Instead of editing it out, I left it in, and moved on.



But then I received comments like this:

“I really like this video for the simplicity and that you didn’t edit out your verbal malfunction.”

People realized I was a human being… just like them… just like you.

Read the full article “The Truth: Why Every Business Website Needs Video Immediately


So there you have it – if you still think you don’t need to be marketing with video and YouTube, then get passed over by potential clients and customers that go to your competition that does use video.

As always, if you are in need of YouTube Video Advertising for your business – be sure and contact us. We will be more than happy to give you a free consultation on how we can help increase your bottom line with Video 🙂

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Why Long Tail Keywords Are So Important To Your SEO

The following blog post Why Long Tail Keywords Are So Important To Your SEO is available on MD Internet Marketing Solutions

Why Long Tail Keywords Are So Important To Your SEO

Keywords – the basis for every SEO campaign.  Target the wrong keywords and you will rank, but you may not see a decent ROI from your campaigns. Traditionally, SEO’s have gone after just one to two keywords together to target. Then you have longer keyword phrases, and these are generally 3 or more words together that you are targeting. Longer keyword phrases can also be referred to as “Long Tail Keywords”.

Long tail keywords are a must to be targeting in your SEO campaigns. Why? Well we are about to give you several reasons as to why you should be going after them and how much it can benefit your business.


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To give you an idea of what I mean, let’s look at the service our business performs as an example. “SEO” would be a rather short keyword to target. On the other hand “The Best Local SEO Consulting Services In Atlanta” would be a long tail.

So why would it be better to try and rank for The Best Local SEO Consulting Services In Atlanta over just SEO? Well, number 1 – SEO would be much harder to rank for. The reason for this is that this is going to be a “Global” search term, where as with the long tail it has a geo modifier at the end, so that I am only competing with other SEO’s in Atlanta and not all over the world.

Secondly, commercial intent or buyer intent. With the keyword “SEO”, the person performing the search could be looking for anything about SEO, such as “how to”, or “what is”. Our long tail keyword example has a lot better commercial intent. Click Here To Learn More About Keywords With Commercial Intent.

Nowadays people aren’t just typing their search either. People are able to just speak their search into their phones. With long tail keywords you are getting more natural speech patterns that happen from speaking your search. Ashley Faulkes wrote a post over on Mad Lemmings that explains more on long tails and also gives another example that I like:

The Power of Long Tail Keywords

People are searching more specifically these days, and often with complete sentences.

So instead of: best restaurant Zurich

(yes I live near Zurich)

People are now writing (or talking) : What is the best Chinese restaurant near my house in Zurich?

This trend has been increasing for a quite a few years. And it means that people are typing in longer phrases into Google, in order to find exactly what they are looking for.

This could mean a more specific location, type, piece of information and so on.

These are the long tail keywords. The less common, more specific, keywords people are using. The kinds of keywords not so many people are targeting with their content!

The Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

You can read a lot more about this in this article on Search Engine Watch, but the short version is –

Long Tail Keywords are very useful because:

  • There is less competition
  • The results are highly relevant
  • There is often more specific user intent (they are searching for exactly what they want)

Continue Reading Here..

The very last bullet point “There is often more specific user intent” can also be interpreted as a higher commercial intent. His first bullet point -“There is less competition” means – it is easier to rank for!

So how do you come up with these long tail keywords?

The Google Keyword Planner doesn’t work so well for this. You also need to remember that the planner was also created for PPC, and NOT keyword research.

If you are having a hard time analyzing and coming up with long tails on your own, the good news is that there are a few free ways of doing this.

A great way is by using Google suggests. This method is probably best done on your laptop or desktop so that you can open a Word document or Notepad to keep up with the results.

No go to Google and type in your 1 – 3 regular keywords. Once the results populate, scroll all the way down the page to the end of the ads and you should see something like this –

The best seo services in Atlanta


That is a goldmine for potential long tail keywords for you to rank for! 2 long tail keywords were produced here – search engine optimization atlanta and best atlanta seo company. Now you can also look through those results and see if there are totally different keywords that have appeared that are related to your niche. Next take those keywords and put those into the search bar and check those results as well. In no time you can have a rather large list of long tails to target!

Sometimes, depending on your keywords, as you type your keywords into the search bar, Google will try and anticipate what you are searching for, so pay attention to those results as well.

We also found these tools over at and Uber Suggest that may help you as well.

You Don’t Have To ReBuild Your Website

Now you may be thinking – “Great! Now I have to completely rewrite my website!” –  I promise you that’s not the case.

Over at the Hosting news they just made a post that explains this:

An Easy Way to Target Longtail Keywords

You don’t have to redesign your entire website to target longtail keywords. Instead, you can start using your blog to capture traffic from these highly targeted phrases. It’s not necessary to target longtail keywords on your homepage or landing pages, unless they really fit well with what you offer. However, they make perfect sense in a blog post.

When you want to target a longtail keyword phrase, simply write a blog post around the keyword phrase. This will not only give you the ability to rank for the phrase, but it can also bring up the entire SEO portfolio of your website. Read The Full Article “Why do Longtail Keywords Matter So Much?

That’s pretty sweet! And easy as well. This can also make it possible for your website, or in actuality, your blog posts to rank for a lot more terms and drive a lot more traffic which equals – MORE SALES AND CLIENTS!

In Conclusion

So to sum it all up, the biggest reasons you need to be using Long Tail keywords in your SEO campaigns are –

  1. Less Competition
  2. Easier Rankings
  3. Higher Commercial Intent

So get to it! Find some long tail keywords and start writing some blog posts to target them to get more traffic and more importantly – MORE SALES!


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