What Should Your Business Videos Be About?

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Sitting down to think about what your first, or next video for your company is going to be about, can sometimes seem just like writers block. What are you going to make your video about? What should I say? In this article we will cover a few things to make this easier so that you are creating videos that keep peoples attention and result in more conversions and calls to your business.

In our previous article, “Optimizing Videos For Better Conversion Rates“, we covered that you shouldn’t just talk about all of your companies achievements, but instead address how you can help solve their problem. This is especially true with your first videos.

To drive this point home we thought we would include a couple of videos from one of our favorite YouTubers, James Wedmore. James  is a fantastic person to learn from if you are attempting to do your own Videos. The first is about the basic elements of all of your videos that you are selling from –


That video does a fantastic job of laying out EXACTLY how your videos that you make for sales should be created. James also did another video that is sort of along the same guidelines, but a little more advanced:


More good stuff from James, and as always, very entertaining!

One thing that we would suggest is that you make a video for every different service that your business provides. Back to our Plumber as an example, you might want to create a different video for plumbing repair, another for hot water heater replacement, then another for septic system repair, etc.

But after that, once you have all of your service videos created, what are you going to shoot videos about?

We actually found a great infographic from MarketingProfs.com that can give you some great ideas –

160423-21-video-marketing-ideas-for-small-budgets-infographic-previewImage Credit

#10 is a GREAT option, if you have some willing customers. These types of videos can also be used to help with Reputation Management by getting them to rank in the searches as well, and possibly pushing back any negative reviews you may have. These videos are also good to throw in the mix as you are creating all of your different sales videos for your different services.

Now you may be asking yourself “how am I going to get all of this done?”, or “where am I going to find the time?”. Yes, there is a large commitment of your time for the entire process. We totally understand, and that is why we are here.

If you don’t have the time or the patients to get high quality videos done on your own, contact us, and we will be more than happy to help you get your business booming with YouTube advertising 🙂


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